A Guide to Building a Student Mark List Program in C using Arrays

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In this blog post, we will explore how to create a student mark list program in C using arrays . This program will enable us to store and manage marks for multiple students efficiently.

In the world of programming, arrays are powerful tools that allow us to store and manipulate collections of data.

Step 1: Defining the Problem

student mark list program in C using arrays

Before diving into the code, let’s define the problem statement. Our goal is to create a program that can handle a student mark list. The program should be able to:

  1. Store marks for multiple students.
  2. Calculate the average mark for each student.
  3. Calculate the overall class average.

Step 2: Planning the Solution

To solve the problem, we will use an array to store the marks for each student. We will also utilize loops and arithmetic operations to calculate the required averages.

Step 3: Implementing the Solution

Let’s start coding the program step by step.

#include <stdio.h>

#define MAX_STUDENTS 100

int main() {
int marks[MAX_STUDENTS];
int numStudents, i;
float classAverage = 0;

printf("Enter the number of students: ");
scanf("%d", &numStudents);

// Inputting marks for each student
for (i = 0; i < numStudents; i++) {
printf("Enter marks for student %d: ", i + 1);
scanf("%d", &marks[i]);

// Calculating average marks for each student
printf("\nStudent Mark List:\n");
for (i = 0; i < numStudents; i++) {
printf("Student %d: Marks = %d\n", i + 1, marks[i]);
classAverage += marks[i];

// Calculating overall class average
classAverage /= numStudents;

printf("\nClass Average: %.2f\n", classAverage);

return 0;

Step 4: Understanding the Code

  1. We start by including the necessary header files and defining the maximum number of students using the MAX_STUDENTS constant.
  2. In the main() function, we declare an integer array marks with a size of MAX_STUDENTS to store the marks of each student.
  3. We also declare variables numStudents to store the total number of students and i for iteration purposes.
  4. The user is prompted to enter the number of students using printf() and scanf().
  5. Next, we use a for loop to input the marks for each student and store them in the marks array.
  6. After inputting the marks, we display the mark list for each student along with their corresponding student numbers.
  7. Inside the loop, we keep adding the marks to the classAverage variable to calculate the overall class average.
  8. Finally, we calculate the class average by dividing the classAverage by the total number of students and display it using printf().

Step 5: Running the Program

Compile and run the program using a C compiler of your choice. The program will prompt you to enter the number of students and then ask for the marks of each student. After inputting the marks, it will display the student mark list along with the class average.


In this blog post, we learned how to create a student mark list program in C using arrays. By utilizing arrays, loops, and arithmetic operations, we were able to store and calculate the marks for multiple students efficiently.

This program can be further expanded to include additional functionalities like finding the highest and lowest marks or displaying the top-performing students.

Understanding arrays and their applications is crucial in becoming a proficient programmer, as they are fundamental data structures used in many real-world scenarios.

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